About us

Cyberia has its headquarters in Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with data centers in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar. We have experienced a great success in providing Internet and Security Services for the region. The Internet operations first started in Lebanon in 1996 and then expanded to Jordan in 2001 and Saudi Arabia in 2002. Cyberia is a subsidiary of Oger Telecom, a fixed and mobile operator.

Scalable ideas

Cyberia designed a scalable network and products that can offer a consistently high quality of services to a rapidly growing customer base. In spite of its rapid growth, it is one of the few ISPs that have insignificant network downtime. As part of its long-term strategy of associating its brand with quality, the Company adopted a policy of continuously maintaining high quality of service.

Dynamic team

Cyberia is led by a professional, innovative, and dynamic management team that consists of several business executives and capable technical experts who work jointly to manage operations. All Cyberia’s top management have been with the company for at least 10 years. This has allowed the Company to adequately oversee every aspect of its dynamic business during phases of rapid expansion.

Why Cyberia

Regional presence
Allowing for multinational solutions & leveraged competencies with over 1000 regional customers.

Cyberia owns a stake in CCOM, the leading ISP and largest corporate and data services provider in
Lebanon. CCOM is a successful merger of 3 leading service providers in Lebanon:

GDS (Global Data Services): The national leader in wireless data communications offering a complete range of protocol-independent data telecom services. GDS operates state of the art equipment complemented by a dedicated customer service center and enlivened by a national coverage from the very north to the extreme south of Lebanon.

IDM: With the mission to create business growth that is healthy and vibrant, IDM was Established in 1995 and is a leading Internet Service Provider in Lebanon. Widely recognized among the pioneers in bringing the digital universe to the country. IDM offers Internet services to home and corporate customers.

Cyberia Lebanon: Established in 1995 as Transmog Inc. to offer Telecom services to the Lebanese market. The journey of deregulation started and Cyberia positioned itself as a leader within one year. Catering to both home and enterprises, Cyberia gained a strong reputation for quality of service, responsive customer support and a unique online services offering.

Cyberia Group also has footprint in Jordan where we focus on IT solutions and R&D.

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